Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Hiatus

It's not that I ever make posts here anyways, and it's not that anyone would check to see if there were new posts, but nonetheless I'm throwing this out there:

I'm not going to be writing anything here for the foreseeable future. I've just had a tremendous amount on my mind lately, much of which I've been writing down for myself in a private blog to just look over and contemplate. I feel that anything I post here would be insignificant or unimportant or something of the sort. I just have no desire to write about trivial things that very few people read anyways. I'd love to come back to this and actually write consistently, perhaps even something that people would be interested in reading. Even making a post this long about a hiatus is borderline-narcissism at best.

Thanks for whatever you have read. I appreciate it.

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