Monday, 20 August 2012

The List Of Lists

Some of my friends (you?) have probably heard me refer to imaginary lists from time to time. I always claim to organize things in mental lists as well as state that I need to make lists. I need to make so many lists that I need a list OF LISTS to even know where to start! Therefore, without further delay, I present to you my list of lists (that need to be made):

The List of Lists (That Need to be Made):

  • Places in Bloomington I want to eat
  • Albums to listen to... intently
  • Classic movies I need to see
  • Bands I need shirts for
  • Video games to play
  • Artists/albums I need to listen to
  • Bands I need to see live 
  • Books to read
  • Albums to get on vinyl
  • Dishes to try to cook
Surely I could think of more, but in the meanwhile I'll get on making these lists and getting the things on them done. 

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Getting Old

It's 11:26 on a Friday night and I've found myself in my room on my laptop, browsing websites about video games and listening to a few albums for the majority of the day (the past seven hours to be precise). I woke up on Nick's couch cold and sore from the night before. I turned 21 yesterday and I had a great night, thanks to some really great friends of mine. I could go on in detail about what I had to drink, the conversations held outside over a few cigarettes, or the forgotten walk back, but I'm certain that no one truly wants to read about it.

I haven't written anything in over two months. I felt that by officially declaring a hiatus that I could absolve my usual guilt of never bothering to post. It's worked surprisingly well, but I've got far too much to say to not write anymore. I've got a ton on my mind right now and I'm prone to getting exhausted and giving up on long posts, so we'll see how long this turns out...

I'm not sure what being 21 really means to me. It was liberating to go out to the bar and feel that much closer to what our society has established as adulthood. I'll never have to worry about any sort of underage drinking again. I sure don't feel like an adult though. I don't do enough, I'm not independent enough, I can't handle responsibility well enough, I'm too childish... I could go on about my anxiety towards my aging, but it makes it sound worse than it is. While all of these thoughts run through my head from time to time, in truth I'm generally happy with where I'm at and how I feel about my life. So far I've managed to get by in life by just winging it all, and I'll keep that up until it fails me.

On a similar note, I'd like to get more involved with something I consider worthwhile. I've been doing a lot of thinking about what defines me. I would generally refer to myself as "a nerdy and somewhat hip guy who digs music, gaming, eating, and the company of others" or something like that. The thing is, I don't feel like that actually paints a decent picture of myself. Now, I realize that the essence of a person can't simply be put into words. The thing is, I know that certain things are important to me, but I'm not sure how to describe them. I think the happiness of ourselves and others is the most important thing we can strive towards in life, because if a person has a true happiness then I can't really see what else they need. Happiness is something that is brought to us by many different sources. Some people seek accomplishment, recognition, fame, peace, etc... It's not as simple as buying the world a Coke and calling it a day. Anyways, I want to do volunteer work for Make-A-Wish foundation. The things they do for children constantly bring a smile to my face and I think the amount of effort that goes into ensuring that these kids who often won't get to live the same sort of life as others are given a wonderful life-changing experience is simply beautiful. I plan on starting up once I've returned to Bloomington.

Bloomington gives me a good starting point for my next bit of (it is at this exact moment that my long post exhaustion is kicking in, so...) rambling. I'm extremely excited to move into my apartment. In exactly three weeks I'll be spending my first night there. Bloomington is a wonderful town and I miss it. I miss the places, the atmosphere, and most importantly my friends. I love my friends in Beech Grove to death. They're the best friends that I could ever ask for. The difference is they can come spend a weekend in Bloomington. Richard can't exactly drive up from Tennessee every weekend. I haven't even been able to see John. It'll be so nice to be able to spend time with them in a place of living that I can call my own.

That being said, this has been one hell of a summer. We've (me and the guys) watched all of Avatar, went late night swimming, been mugging (not mugged thankfully), drank together, eaten our body weight in 50 cent wings at Buffalo Wild Wings, met several great musicians at some amazing concerts, and just hung out and had a good time. I've enjoyed not having any school work to stress about and at the beginning of the summer, getting away from Bloomington and getting back here was exactly what I needed.

The end of the school year was a rather large time for me in my life. Breaking up with my girlfriend of nearly four years changed a lot in how I lived my life, both on a physical and personal level. I've tried hard to make myself into a better person, to change the aspects of myself that I don't like. I feel like I've been somewhat successful in this while also realizing some other problems I've had along the way. Nobody is perfect, even if they spend their whole life trying to fix their flaws. I feel that by at least being aware of one's own faults, they can be lessened if never truly fixed. Changing who you are on a fundamental level isn't as easy as just wishing it that way and being done with it.

I want next year to be amazing. I want to live it as a person who has grown over a summer through life events and personal insight. I hope that I can live up to my expectations for myself.

This ended up pretty long... Sorry about that!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Hiatus

It's not that I ever make posts here anyways, and it's not that anyone would check to see if there were new posts, but nonetheless I'm throwing this out there:

I'm not going to be writing anything here for the foreseeable future. I've just had a tremendous amount on my mind lately, much of which I've been writing down for myself in a private blog to just look over and contemplate. I feel that anything I post here would be insignificant or unimportant or something of the sort. I just have no desire to write about trivial things that very few people read anyways. I'd love to come back to this and actually write consistently, perhaps even something that people would be interested in reading. Even making a post this long about a hiatus is borderline-narcissism at best.

Thanks for whatever you have read. I appreciate it.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Oh So Tired Of Being Sick

My tonsils are swollen and I feel weak. I really just wanted to let everyone know that this sucks and also actually post something on my blog. One day I'll post about:

  • League Of Legends
  • More music
  • My apartment next year
  • Computer Science club
  • The wonderful food in Bloomington
One day...

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Denny's Sucks

This is scientific fact. I just wanted to make sure I had this on some kind of record, because it's very important that people know this. Their food costs too much and tastes awful. If you like Denny's, you're wrong.

Just making sure we're all clear here.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Top Music

So I made up this picture of all of my favorite albums, and figured it'd be nice if there was a list of what they actually were, so from left to right, going down in rows:

There's a bigger version on my Facebook!

Top 4:
  • Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
  • Ludo - Broken Bride
  • Say Anything - ...Is a Real Boy
  • Between The Buried and Me - Colors
Second-tier classics:
  • Radiohead - In Rainbows
  • Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
  • Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
  • Brand New - Deja Entendu
  • Daft Punk - Discovery
  • The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis
  • Say Anything - Menora Majora
  • Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
  • Green Day - American Idiot
  • Hellogoodbye - Would It Kill You?
  • The Killers - Sam's Town
  • Massive Attack - Mezzanine
  • Taking Back Sunday - Live From Orensanz
  • Muse - Absolution
  • Ween - The Mollusk
  • Radiohead - Kid A
Other favorites:
  • The Stokes - Is This It
  • Fear Before The March Of Flames - The Always Open Mouth
  • Pixies - Doolittle
  • Muse - Origin  of Symmetry
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada
  • The Shins - Oh, Inverted World
  • Foxy Shazam - Introducing
  • Every Time I Die - The Big Dirty
  • Blink-182 - Blink-182
  • My Chemical Romance - I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
  • Lady Gaga - The Fame Monser
  • Pink Floyd - Meddle
  • Franz Ferdinand - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand
  • Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon
  • The Beatles - Abbey Road
  • Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
  • Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
  • My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
  • Thomas Giles - Pulse
  • The Killers - Hot Fuss
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
  • The Dillinger Escape Plan - Ire Works
  • Every Time I Die - Ex-Lives
  • Ludo - You're Awful, I Love You
  • Coheed And Cambria - Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness
  • BT - This Binary Universe
  • Muse - Black Holes and Revelations
  •  Fall Out Boy - Folie à Deux
  • Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
  • Green Day - Dookie
There you have it! I'd definitely recommend all of these, but at the LEAST the top 4. What are you waiting for, go listen to them!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I Want To Be Dead With My Friends

So Every Time I Die's new album is available to stream. I've listened to it a total of five times in the last 24 hours and I have to say I'm extremely satisfied by it.

Sorry, let me clarify. I think it could very well be their best album. It's absolutely fantastic. It starts with several tracks that all have a sharp, biting intensity that I'm honestly not sure if anything they've ever done before has conveyed. Keith Buckley's lyrics are at their best and possibly most personal here. It's surprisingly darker than the previous three albums. His singing is better than ever and their eclectic mix of rock, metal,  and a very southern vibe is present as always. The whole thing just sounds more important than previous works. It's hard to explain. There aren't really any "fun" songs this time around, at least none about party animals or the sort.

Every Time I Die is one of the few bands I think just about all of my friends in Beech Grove all agree on. My general hatred of Metalcore and the like doesn't help with that, but that's besides the point. ETID just gives me this good nostalgic feel, as if I'm chilling in high school playing some Halo or Super Smash Brothers.

The point here is the album is fantastic and worth a listen, even if you aren't usually into metal.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

But Let Me Tell You This...

So, in the last post I made I said something about trying to be a better person. I'm pretty pleased to say that so far I've been doing a decent job of that. There are still a lot of things I'd like to be doing differently, but I'm taking this thing in small steps, trying to rid myself of bad habit or make things better in a slow natural progression. So far, I've:

  1. Gotten more involved with school things. I'm a member of the Computer Science club and I've been having a lot of fun with it. I went to a workshop/conference for it today and it feels really good to be networking and around people who share similar passions.
  2. Started taking the stairs to my dorm and walking everywhere. It's a minor change but hopefully will help me get a little more fit.
  3. Quit smoking. I was never addicted so it's not like this is difficult for me but it'll still again work towards improving my health.
  4. Cleaned my room. This place got totally overhauled. It's completely clean now and I fully intend for it to stay that way for a good long time. 
  5. Started getting eight hours of sleep. I need to not fall asleep in class or be tired all day. This should help.
Again, I plan on doing more (working out, learning bass, etc...) but I'm not at all unhappy with my start.

I also still plan on blogging more. Eventually.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I Am The Law

I'm currently sitting in my room listening to Circa Survive and studying for a law exam tomorrow. I've been in here most of the day and it's been extremely peaceful. I'm feeling alright about this semester so far. A lot of easy classes, one really hard one.

I must admit, I feel as if life is very mixed up right now. My schedule hasn't fallen into place in the slightest. It's refreshing but definitely adds to my stress. I suppose it is helping me get better about deciding when to do my homework, but still, consistency is nice.

That's a lie. Consistency is easy but boring. I should be using this and really this time of my life in general as a chance to grow, to become a stronger, better person. I've made some progress towards it.

I think it'll be easier for me when I'm out on my own next semester, as in having my own room and apartment. I've always had someone in the room with me and while it's nice to never be lonely, it's also nice to be alone, something I generally consider a luxury. (I'm also very excited to be 21, but that's not really relevant)

I've been reminiscing a bit today about the past, specifically here at IU. It's been a really great year and a half. I do feel as if lately, I've been slightly remiss in my duties to get the gang together. Shouldn't be too concerned with that though, as we're only a month into this semester and it's already been a very social one.

Anyways, I hope the rest of this semester will follow suite!

ALSO: I met Jon Hamm. It was wonderful. I also went to the Super Bowl Special Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, hung downtown during the game, and generally had a great time. BE JEALOUS.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

New Year, Same Laziness

I haven't made a post in over a month. This particular post is mostly just another one of those "I can look back at this and say I actually posted something" ones.

Anyways, the semester is off to a good start. My classes seem interesting, my schedule is good, and I'm generally happy. I have a mental list of goals, which I will now type out:
  • Expand my taste in music
  • Eat (somewhat) healthier
  • Try more food places in Bloomington
  • Get better at League Of Legends (post still coming)
  • Become more assertive
I'm sure there are others but that's some of the big ones.  I'm still waiting for a Coke Freestyle here in Bloomington...

Christmas was really nice, I got a lot of things that I wanted.

These are just a few thoughts that I would've blogged at one point were I not some kind of lazy ass.

Anyways, I'd like to get a real post on here in the next few days. Here's hoping!