Friday, 21 October 2011

The Post In Which I Talk About My Smoking Habit

So, I'm apparently a smoker now. I'm not sure when I figured this out, probably when I actually started enjoying it rather than just doing it to look cool.

This would be the look I'm hoping for

Immediately after typing the above, I've realized this post is going to be longer and needs more explanation than I originally though, so let's start with this fact: I'm a social smoker.

I have smoked on my own a total of two or three times in my life. It's just not something I do. I'm not addicted, I don't need to smoke, and I generally don't care how cool I look to the random people on the streets. That doesn't mean I only do it to fit in or because other people are. I do it because I enjoy it, it relaxes me, and I like to pretend it makes me look cool. That right there leads me to the reason that I started smoking.

I started because I like the way it makes a person look. I don't give a damn how shallow or stupid that sounds, it's why I started. It's not like I ever hid that fact, I openly told the people around me that I pretend it does. Hell I'm not even saying it actually makes me look cool. You know that feeling when you get a new shirt and it makes you feel good and you want people to notice it? It's an accessory, same as anything else.

I started a while ago, not exactly sure when, over a year though. I mostly smoked cheap-as-hell cigars because they were cheap. Being myself though, I had a craving to try new things and interesting varieties so I've moved through a few types of cigars and cigarettes.
  1. Hell, I can't even remember the name of em, the cheap multi-flavored cigarillos that cost like $2 at Speedway for a pack of 20. Also they suck.
  2. Marlboro Blend 54's - I got these because they were menthol, which I like, and because the box looked cool. I liked them a lot but I'm not sure if I'd get them again.
  3. American Spirit Menthols - Yes I know, stereotypical hipster cigarette. Still, I wanted a quality menthol and the variety at the Beech Grove Speedway is incredibly lacking. They're really good, a little smoother than the Marlboro. I'd smoke them again for sure.
  4. Lucky Strikes - An American classic. These guys are unfiltered and STRONG. I mean, get weak after like two inhales strong. Still, they've got a good taste and I'm a sucker for things that make me feel like I could be in the 50's.
See, a classic!
    I've tried others that I enjoyed too, but those are the only ones I've bought packs of. When I say packs, I actually mean a pack each, because I really only smoke like one a week so they last forever, although it's been more like two a week this semester, probably because a lot of people I know here smoke too.

    Now, I started because I liked the way it looked, but I keep going because I like the relaxation it brings and the taste. I could quit anytime and I damn well know it. I've got no cravings and I can easily go a week without one. Plus, it makes situations where everyone is outside and smoking more pleasant.

    I know what some of you might be thinking by now, and it's probably one of two things:
    1. "Andrew! You're smarter than that! Smoking kills!"
    2. "Andrew! You're retarded and I hope you get cancer!"
    Probably about a 50/50 ratio there... Anyway, to those of you thinking the first one, you've got a good point. I don't plan on smoking forever, however, and college is a pretty good time to do those things that are unhealthy that you should probably stop doing after college (blackout drinking, looking at you). I'm certain that most people have a good deal of unhealthy habits both physical and otherwise. If you aren't going to stop those then I don't think I should stop mine. To those of you thinking the second one, I'm not sure why you'd be reading my personal blog...

    Anyway, I like smoking. I like the way it looks, I like trying new kinds, I like the relaxation (seriously, no one ever tells you how much it relaxes you! I mean, I've heard that before but we're talking like an actual chemical "my muscles are soothing" sort of thing!), and so on. I have to be honest, never really pictured myself as a smoker. I'm not too bothered by it.

    It still makes me look cool.

    Tuesday, 18 October 2011

    Just Saying

    I'm not dead. Mostly a reminder to myself here. This way, I can look back in a month when I post next and pretend this counts.

    Also, I may or may not be delaying studying for Calculus. I should blog about my hatred of Calculus.

    I hate Calculus.

    Saturday, 8 October 2011

    Meeting The Night

    It's almost 4:30 at night and I'm in my room alone.

    I don't know how to describe the peace I feel right now. It's wonderful, to have a space all to myself. I don't have anything to worry about tomorrow, I've got total peace of mind. I haven't been this at peace in a while.

    There's a lot of things I'd like to write about, if I ever get around to it. I've changed my major to Computer Science. It'd be nice to talk about why I did that and why I'm excited about that.

    I'm still addicted to League of Legends. That probably deserves a post.

    I don't know, I can't think of anything else and don't really care to right now. I'm really relaxed, and that's what matters.

    On the list of seemingly pointless blog posts I've made, I'm sure this ranks up there for some of you but you need to know how much I'll enjoy sleeping tonight and waking up tomorrow.

    It's a lot.

    Saturday, 1 October 2011

    Winning Combination

    So Five Guys Burgers and Fries, also known as "Best Place To Get A Burger", is getting the Mecca of soft drink machines, the Coca-Cola Freestyle (read my feelings about that here) installed in every single location. This made me feel... I think a picture would fit this better:

    This right here
    Also this
    I could not possibly be happier. I mean, I liked Firehouse Subs but driving 20-something minutes just for Peach Vault (and hot sauce) kind of sucks. Five Guys is a perfect place to pair with such a damn good drink. I will be eating there far more often as soon as this sexy beast shows up in Bloomington.

    To those of you that haven't had Five Guys, it's really good. You should eat there. If I were to ask you what the best burger you've ever had is and you don't have a decent answer, the answer will probably become Five Guys. I'm not saying it's the best ever but for a major chain it's so damn good.

    Seriously, I need this now.