Saturday, 18 February 2012

But Let Me Tell You This...

So, in the last post I made I said something about trying to be a better person. I'm pretty pleased to say that so far I've been doing a decent job of that. There are still a lot of things I'd like to be doing differently, but I'm taking this thing in small steps, trying to rid myself of bad habit or make things better in a slow natural progression. So far, I've:

  1. Gotten more involved with school things. I'm a member of the Computer Science club and I've been having a lot of fun with it. I went to a workshop/conference for it today and it feels really good to be networking and around people who share similar passions.
  2. Started taking the stairs to my dorm and walking everywhere. It's a minor change but hopefully will help me get a little more fit.
  3. Quit smoking. I was never addicted so it's not like this is difficult for me but it'll still again work towards improving my health.
  4. Cleaned my room. This place got totally overhauled. It's completely clean now and I fully intend for it to stay that way for a good long time. 
  5. Started getting eight hours of sleep. I need to not fall asleep in class or be tired all day. This should help.
Again, I plan on doing more (working out, learning bass, etc...) but I'm not at all unhappy with my start.

I also still plan on blogging more. Eventually.


Anonymous said...

But smoking was just an accessory! You have to get hurt for fashion! I already have lung cancer but dammit my asbestos scarf is SO GOD DAMN FASHIONABLE. I NEED TO LOOK COOL.


Anonymous said...


- Everyone

Anonymous said...

Good job man. Everyone always has room for improvement in their life, and it's good that you are taking notice of these things and making an effort. I have lots of things i'd love to change, but it's hard to get that motivation.


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